Terms and Conditions

  1. Our prices are fixed.
  2. We offer three different arrangements – bouquet, bloom box, and vase – and three different sizes – small, medium, and large.
  3. For bridal bouquets, we happily customize the flowersper the bride’s request. In this case, the price is not fixed.
  4. For center pieces,we also customize the arrangement based on the client’s venue. In this case, the price is not fixed.
  5. We are a seasonal business. This means that certain flowers, like peonies, are not available all year. We will inform you in advance of what flowers we have in our supplies, but remember that you might not get the same exact bouquet you see in our Instagram feed. That’s the beauty though – we never make the same, exact bouquet!
  6. We need at least three days to deliver for any order. 
  7. We will confirm and process your order once the payment has been made. No cancellations or changes to your order can be done after payment.
  8. We will need you to provide the delivery address the same day your order has been confirmed.
  9. We will deliver your arrangement through third-party vehicles such as Uber, Grab and Go-Send. We will order the delivery for you and you can pay directly to the third parties.
  10. We also provide the option to pick up your arrangement at our store, located in MaxxBox, Lippo Village.
  11. We will provide ablank card for each arrangement, and will be happy to help you write down your message for your loved ones.
  12. Last but not least, by reading this, you have agreed with our terms and conditions.