About Us

Mfreshflowers was founded in 2015 by a passionate flower enthusiast with a dream of becoming an inspiring florist. What started out as a dream became our reality. 
Our mission: to bring blessings through blooms!
We are floral storytellers. We believe in the power of flowers. Flowers bring joy to the heart and healing to the soul. Flowers create intimate connections and revive those that were once lost. Flowers can either strengthen or mend relationships. Flowers are beautiful awards for achievement. Flowers symbolizes the gift of life. But most of all, flowers signifies the love and care we have for one another.
We take inspiration from mother nature, art, history and from the people around us. Most importantly, we take inspiration from the stories you tell us. We believe in quality over quantity and we never arrange the same piece twice.
Tell us your story! 
Are you proposing to the love of your life? 
Are you congratulating your child for their remarkable achievement in graduating college?
Are you looking for a mother’s day gift?
Any special occasion deserves a unique arrangement of its own. Share your story with us, your preferences and requests, and we will make it come to life!