at M Fresh Flowers,
happiness blooms daily! We are more than just florists who arrange flowers. We are floral storytellers. We believe every request is unique, which is why we will listen to your story first before     creating  any arrangement. Are you proposing to your long-time girlfriend? Are you congratulating a university graduate for his or her remarkable achievement?
Are you celebrating your mother’s birthday?All of these occasions deserves a special bouquet, which is why we never arrange the same way. We love making unique creations for our customers – bringing blessings through blooms is our motto!

at M Fresh Flowers workshops,
we will teach you more than just how to arrange flowers. 
We will teach you how to listen what flowers call out to you.
We will teach you how to organize your chosen blooms in a way that
they can breathe and bring life to your homes.
We will teach you how to nourish your creations so that they may brighten up many days. At M Fresh Flowers workshops, we will teach you how to speak the floral language.


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